Specialty Sheds

Who's Your Favorite Football Team?

Are You Proud of Where You Went to School?

Who is-Without a Doubt- The Best Nascar Driver of all time?

If you are more than a fan- but practically a fanatic about something- here's how you can show off your pride AND get practical storage at the same time.

We're one of the few storage shed places we know of to offer you the ability to completely customize your Storage Shed to match your Passion.

Football Teams Colleges Army John Deere Fans
Baseball Teams High School Navy Ford Fans
ANY Teams!   Air Force Corvette Fans
    Marines ANY FAN!

Without an extra charge!

Here's how it works:
  1. If you haven't already, follow our step by step guide in the "Things to Know Before You Buy" section here on this website. We don't you to get in trouble for just ordering any old storage shed just because you want to show your "raving fan" status- let's be sure that you are selecting the best shed for your practical uses.
  2. Visit us or call us to select the custom paint colors you want for your shed. We can help you decide on the different parts of a shed that can be colored- the trim, the door, even the shingles.
  3. Since we are custom making your Raving Fan Shed- it could take a little longer to make.
  4. While we are building, be on the look out for any decals, signs or logos you'll want to install on your Raving Fan Shed so when we deliver, you can put them up right away.

    Any Color on Any Shed!

    If you're one of the rare "true blue" fans- whose colors won't run- then show your pride with a Specialty Shed.