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Shed Delivery & Assembly Details

To make our customers’ lives easier, Creative Outdoor Sheds provide shed delivery and assembly. Customers can choose between having the sheds fully assembled upon delivery or assembled on-site. Your shed delivery and assembly will depend on certain criteria. Depending on how accessible your shed site preparation is will determine if the shed can be assembled beforehand or not. Also, any structure that is wider than 14 feet or higher than 11 feet will also require on-site assembly because of transportation restrictions. As a reminder, an additional charge for on-site assembly.

Along with sheds, we also deliver garages, pavilions, gazebos, and playhouses.

Any building that is completely assembled is delivered to your property with a truck and trailer. If we have access to the desired location on your property with the truck and trailer, we will drop the structure off the back of the trailer onto your prepared site. If access is not sufficient for a truck and trailer, we can use the ”Mule” to transport the building from the street into your backyard.

To access the desired location with the ”Mule” we will need a path at least 24 inches wider than the width of the structure and at least 12 feet high. We cannot lift buildings over fences or other objects. Low branches on trees should be trimmed back to prevent any damage. Curbs or slight grades are okay if they are not excessive. We cannot transport buildings through areas that are extremely wet or muddy.

If we cannot access the desired location with the structure completely assembled, we will be able to construct the building on site. We will need a path at least 30/36 inches wide to transport the materials and tools to the location. The on-site assembly of smaller buildings is usually completed in one day.