Designing Your Own Shed

So many first time shed buyers we talk to, and even a few veterans, underestimate the input they can have in the construction of their shed.  If you can wait a week or two, and you know exactly what you want, give some serious thought to creating your own custom shed.

If you haven’t already, make sure to have read our super informative Things to Know Before You Buy Section. To see prices for our available options, click here to scroll to the bottom of this page.Scroll to the bottom

We’ve broken down the choices in color availability to you by the two types of custom sheds we sell: Wooden Sheds and Vinyl Sheds.  

First Step: Select a color of your siding (either Vinyl or Wood)
From the selections below, decide which color you want us to make your shed in.


Available Shed Roof Shingle Colors


Next Step: Select a Shingle Color to Match Your Shed Color

From the selections above, decide on  your preferred shingle color.

Did you read about the shingles we use in our “Why We Build a Better Shed” section?  If you did, you then know why any shingle you select will last longer and prevent leaking.

Custom Shed Color Coordination Tips:

Expert designer Will Hapeman advises, “The easiest- surefire way is to match the shingles to your home.  That’s a pretty safe bet because if you can see the shed and home in the same view, you’ll probably want them to match.  But if you have no siding on your house- let’s say your home is brick- the consider matching the shingle of your shed to the trim you used on your home.  Like a black shingle to pick up the black you may have on your house trim.”

Our standard shingles and our Architectural Shingles are the two styles of shingles for custom sheds we offer.  Standard Shingles have a flat appearance.  Although still sturdy (our Standard Shingles come with a 20 year guarantee) the Architectural Shingles are even more reliable.  Our Architectural Shingles are thicker than the standard shingles providing you even more insurance against roof leaks.  Our Architectural Shingles come with a 30 year guarantee.


Custom Shed Options That Make Sense For You

We’ve tried to incorporate as many options into our standard sheds as we could to please the most people.  But because we’ve seen folks use our structures for so many different uses, we’ve come up with a long list of options –some are free- that you should consider for your shed.


Consider this Option….

If Your Shed Will…



Heavy Duty Ramp

Storing riding mowers, heavy snow blowers, push mowers, anything that will roll in and out

Heavy Duty Ramp for Sheds


Reinforced Floors

Parking a hobby car, medium sized tractor

End Vents/Ridge Vents

Storing flammables either in containers or in tractors.  The vents also will keep your shed cooler on hot humid days

Edge Vent Options for Custom Sheds



Sky Lights

Used as a workbench, work area as it lets more daylight in

Sky Lights in Custom Amish Built Shed





Storing smaller items like garden tools, pool  cleaning supplies, paint cans, or boxes like old tax returns-anything that you want to have easy access to

Wooden ShedShelving



If you wanted to add a few square feet of actual living space for a bench or a few chairs, it also is real popular if you’re using your structure as a pool house

Benches andPorches Built Into Shed


Steel Doors

If you wanted an upgraded and unique look to your shed,our steel doors let you choose between 9-11 or 15 individual “panes” of glass also in the standard square or with arched windows.

Customizing Sheds with Steel Doors



Be storing items that you won’t need on a regular basis like Holiday decoration, summer patio cushions, or old records you need to hang to

Wooden Shed Lofts


Extra Doors

House your lawn mower but you don’t have enough space to move around, an extra door actually lets you store more and get in and out easily

Custom Shed With Multiple Doors


Garage Doors

Be used to store cars, over sized lawn mowers, motorcycles, boats, go carts, 4 wheelers...anything that you would want easy access to

Functional Garage Doors on Sheds


Door Pins

If you need to keep your shed doors open.  A real must, our door pins let you work uninterrupted without the door slamming shut

Door Pins


Electrical Packages

If you wanted to use your shed for a workshop, studio, office, for power tools, our pre-wired packages will save you money if you think you’ll want power to your shed

Arched Doors

If you want a classier look to the front of your shed

Custom Amish Shed with Arched Doors



Is part of your landscape or curb appeal, cupolas dress up a shed to make it look like a real classic outbuilding.

Additional Shed Features Cupola




Transom Windows Doors

Popular with upscale homes, the extra windows provide more natural light.



Transom Window Doors on Sheds


Wood “Z” Shutters

These wider shutters give your structure  a more traditional look

Amish Sheds with Shutters


Octagon Windows

If you want to add a detailed touch to either the ends of your shed or to the gable

Oversized Windows

If you want even more light.  On anything over 10 x 16 the oversized windows are much more to scale and looks sharper

Oversized Custom Shed Windows


Architectural Shingles

If you want to match your house shingles- nearly all homes come with the sturdier architectural shingles



A Special Bonus Offer For you:

How to Organize Your Garage

Organize Your Garage

By far, the most effective solution that lasts the longest would be to create additional storage; however it is critical to asses what storage challenges you have.  We actually offer a free, no obligation custom storage consultation, that finds out what your specific needs are. .

To get even more storage space, think “cubically.”
Add shelving units to at least one of your walls and use that space to get items off the ground. Our sturdy shelves can easily hold those boxes of old records or you can set paint cans, lawn and garden supplies, or smaller knick knacks. The ultimate in “cubic” storage space is opting for a loft. Depending on the structure you go with and it’s roof design, you can easily add another 8 foot by 2 foot loft and get another 16 square surface space. Now you’re talking space for patio cushions, grilling supplies and anything else that you want to store but won’t need to get to on a regular basis.
But once you have your new storage space, and you HAVE reclaimed your garage, make sure you don’t fall back to your old ways.  Clutter rules in the garage, and now it is time to rule out clutter. 

Consider some basic objectives, and create a vision beyond the clutter that has littered garages during the last 100 years:

When in doubt, throw it out-  Eliminate clutter-buildup that has overtaken the garage.  Have a garage sale, give to charity, take a trip to the real landfill, and take a deep breath and get rid of all the excess that not only blocks entry into the home but the clutter that blocks energy too.

If it's on the floor, it's time to store-  A basic premise in garage
organizing is to free up floor space.  But how does one deal with the lawn mower, wheel barrow, snow blower, bicycles, and other large items?  That’s where nearly all home organization experts suggest a storage shed. 

Organize to visualize.  If you can see it, you can find it-  The easiest
method is to create a wall storage solution.  Many solutions exist such a hooks, racks, custom-made cabinets, and yes, the lowly nail is a solution, but none offer a flexible solution.  Visit a retail store that displays merchandise on the wall, and these same grooved panels offer the most flexible storage solution for the garage that is available today.

Storage requirements change over time.  Having the flexibility of lifting a hook from the grooved panel, enables one to change or add items stored on the wall for maximum vertical storage(tm).  And once a folding chair or lawn implement can be seen, it is very easy to find.  
Plan to simplify, and simplify the plan- Once storage needs have been
identified, one can create the required shelving, cabinet, and wall-storage system.

Consider the height of your structure...
If you plan on storing taller lawn and garden equipment like rakes, hoes and shovels, check to make sure you’ll have enough wall height. And if you don’t find out how the price changes for your dream shed to have it constructed with 6’ high walls.

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Shed Options & Prices

Ramps     Wood Doors w/ Vinyl Siding  
3' or 4' Ramp 89.00   3' Single Door 145.00
5' or 6' Ramp 99.00   4', 5' or 6' Double Door 245.00
8' Ramp 139.00   7' Double Door 350.00
      8' wide x 7' high Double Door 450.00
Windows & Shutters     12" higher doors 89.00
18" x 27" Window (white or brown) 59.00      
18" x 36" or 24" x 36" Window (white or brown) 89.00   Steel Doors  
24" x 36" Insulated WIndow (white or clay) 159.00   3' Single Door (solid) 195.00
Credit for 1 Window & Shutters 25.00   4', 5' or 6' Double Door (solid) 325.00
Transom WIndow in Door (white) 69.00   36" prehung Steel House Door w/ VInyl Brick Molding (solid) 365.00
Transom Window above Door (white) 89.00   Paint Steel Doors 25.00 per door
Picture Frame Trim around windows 50.00      
27" Shutters 25.00   Windows For any Steel Doors  
36" Shutters 29.00   9 Lite Window (square) 69.00 per door
36" Raised Panel Shutters 39.00   9 Lite Window (arch) 89.00 per door
36" Wood "Z" Shutters 45.00   11 Lite Window (arch) 89.00 per door
      4 Lite Transom Window 69.00 per door
8" x 8" or 8" x 16" Vents (gable) 40.00   Painted Shed Doors  
12" x 12" Classic Vents (gable) 89.00   3' Single Door 130.00
per 5' section of roll vent (ridge) 65.00   4', 5' or 6' Double Door 220.00
per 10' section of roll vent (ridge) 115.00   7' Double Door 299.00
      8' wide x 7' high Double Door 399.00
Flower Boxes     12" higher doors 89.00
18" Vinyl Flower Box 39.00      
24" Vinyl Flower Box 49.00   Classic Painted Shed Doors  
      3' Single Door 170.00
Partitions     4', 5' or 6' Double Door 295.00
2 x 4 Interior Wall w/ 1/2" plywood 24.00 per ft.   Upgrade to 3' Arch Single Door 110.00
3' Single Door in Partition 99.00   Upgrade to 4' Arch Double Door 125.00
      Upgrade to 5' Arch Double Door 140.00
Floors per sq. ft.      
Upgrade to 12" OC reg floors joists .30   Garage Doors (white, brown, clay or almond)  
Upgrade from 12" reg to 12" PT joists .30   6' wide x 6' 6" high (solid) 499.00
Upgrade to 16" PT joists .30   8' wide x 6' 6" high (solid) 499.00
Upgrade to 5/8" PT plywood .80   9' wide x 7' high (solid) 529.00
Insulation in Floor 1.00   Upgrade to Insulated Garage Door 75.00
Double reg 5/8" plywood on floor 1.50   Add Windows to Garage Doors 79.00
Double PT 5/8" plywood on floor 1.80   9' wide x 7' high Carriage Style Door (windows included) 769.00
Center 4x4 in 8' wide sheds 3.00
per lin. ft.
      Lofts & Shelves  
Roof Options     Lofts 2.50 per sq. ft
Hip Roof 299.00   16" deep shelf 4.75 per lin. ft.
Architectural Shingles .25 per sq. ft.   24" deep shelf 5.95 per lin. ft.
30" x 30" Skylight 425.00      
6" Overhangs on Gable Ends 75.00 per end   Electric Package  
Metal Roof (includes tech foil insulation) 2.99 per sq. ft.   Basic Package Includes Breaker Box, 1 switch, 1 light, & 1 outlet 299.00
      additional switch, light, or outlet
(customer is responsible to connect electric from supply to breaker box)
49.00 each
Door Pins        
Door Pins 20.00 per pr.   Bar Door  
      24" x 60" Bar Door w/ 16" Shelf 175.00
Wood Corners        
Wood Corners on Painted Sheds 35.00      
Diamond Tread Plate        
Diamond Tread Plate 3.00 per ft.